Dé Luain 11 Feabhra 2008

suil gloineach

whew, lot's going on since the last time we spoke. for starters, there's the kung fu gorilla, which is now poised and ready to project me to new levels of suffering while attempting to ride through the weather alaska has in store for the susitna 100. weight as shown below with 26x3" tires on 46mm wide rims: 32 lbs. add barends, pogies, bags, racks and mandatory and necessary gear and we're looking at around 50-55 lbs. it the snow get's deep, that's alot of bike to be pushing around.

it actually rides surprisingly light, all things considered.

been pedaling to work almost every day. i love it. i put $40 worth of gas into the tank several weeks ago(mid january i think), and still have better than 1/4 of a tank left.

this morning's commute was, i believe, my third coldest commute ever. i had a -4f commute back in the lat 90s while working at esco products, and last winter, i rode in at about the same temperature. this morning hit a low of about 2f. it was great! i had ice on my eyelashes. the only part i really felt underdressed during was the @40 mph downhill at the end. i'm sure that kind of speed knocked the -10ish standing windchill down to -30 to -40 or so. it certainly felt it.

here's some shots from oak ridge resevoir today:

Dé hAoine 1 Feabhra 2008