Dé Domhnaigh 4 Bealtaine 2008

mise aris...

sorry bout that. had absolutely not motivation to update this thing at all since alaska. so, i'll give a whirlwind photo tour of the last few months of my life. check my flickr account for more photos.


the race was painful and difficult, and i was unprepared and smart to drop out when i did. i got frost nip on my ears.

the week after the race was filled with good beer, incredible scenery and new friends.

got back and really hated myself for a few weeks for not staying. my mind was pretty much made up though that i would be moving back up there, and i shall. but life went on. i commuted to and from work:

hung out with the brothers uniatowski in philly

did some trail work at mahlon dickerson:

messed around with some different wheel stups on the rig and karate monkey:

and just today, i did some hiking with my sister, nephew and brother in law on the lackawanna cutoff:

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