Dé Luain 25 Bealtaine 2009

mo cac as mo chead bhlian anseo.

alright. a year worth of words is beyond my attention span apparently. waaaaayyyy beyond. so, here's an assload of photos that kinda sorta pretty much summarize the rest of it. of course, you could just click the flickr link to the right and see all of them... some of these are way out of order. deal with it.

i participated in a cardboard and duck tape boat race, where my industrial design education came in handy. kim took home first due to superior paddle design(two hockey sticks versus a 1" strip of aluminum). i took second. we were minutes ahead of everyone else. it felt really good beating a bunch of little kids. :D

signed up for and started the soggy bottom 100(110). felt great off the start. paced myself and took it easy. about 8 miles in i was warmed up and starting to work my way through the field. rolling along up the gradual climb when all of a sudden, while standing climbing, half of my handlebar popped off in my hand. there was no crash, no injury, just a foot down and a WTF?!? i stood there looking at my bar for a minute in disbelief before turning around and riding back to the start/finish one handed.

not long after that, snow started falling up in the mountains and i found myself doing this:


work took me to some beautiful places.

i did some hiking

flew over some mud flats for work.

explored some local four wheeler trails.

made some enormous, saggy pogies.

took some purty photos of some hoar. frost.

made some new friends in the backyard.

made some ear covers for when it's cold, but not cold enough for something under my helmet.

rode some more with kim in crevasse moraine.

which looks like this in the summer:

and that's all you're getting for this update. i'll put more together soon, i promise. i know you'll be holding your breath till then. best of luck with that.


jay said...

You have some absolutely incredible photos in there.

Heerscrapple said...

Looks like you've found quite a spot. Pics look awesome and just a little different than Jersey. Hope all is well!