Dé Sathairn 29 Meán Fómhair 2007

smaointe nua faoin frama bambu.

alright, made some new decisions on the bamboo bike. i'll be getting disk dropouts and an eccentric shell from nova cycles. i'll use the eccentric out of my rig till i upgrade that to a bushnell or something alse fancy. still not sure what to do about headset. with the fiber and epoxy wrap, i think the bamboo will be hard enough to just ream it to tolerance and press the headset directly into it. we'll find out. i wonder how difficult finding chain and seatstays with the right enough bend is going to be. i'm also considering making a bar/stem combo out of bamboo for the bike as well. just get something in 1" or slightly smaller and shim it where necessary.

tymor park xc race tomorrow. second race as an expert. i'll try not to overhydrate this time so that i have less excuses for my sure to be poor performance.... just kidding. i'm kick some ass. or at least try to.

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