Dé Céadaoin 3 Deireadh Fómhair 2007

cupla phairt nua

thainig iad inne....

bonty race x lite tlr rims arrived yesterday. thinking i want to wait, and order some dt 240 hubs and alpine III spokes to lace them up. this, as opposed to lacing them up to the stock hubs that came on the rig. crossmarks should be arriving soon, and will be my tubeless setup till the bontrager xr-tlr tires are available.

dfl'd tymor sunday. that hill killed me. it's funny how fast one can be on a group ride, with the go/rest/go/rest pace, and with people of very varying abilities, yet all of a sudden i become a dead weight off the back when i have to maintain a steady, fast pace for a few hours non-stop. i guess i know which type of ride i'll be doing ALOT more of for next season. i also know that i will not be going to la ruta this year, but will have to defer to next year.

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