Dé Sathairn 22 Nollaig 2007

sneachta fiorfa ar an teastail leis an gabhar.

rode out with brett for thirty miles today. we joined jake, woody and norm for about mile 10-20. i felt alot better than the last few rides. i think la ruta's torture is about completely behind me at this point. i was able to attack consistantly up most of the hills and still feel strong at the top. good stuff. the snow was unbelievable. i was worried with the last few days being in the upper 30's, but it wasn't soft at all. hard, fast and grippy. lot's of deer, and some rather large bear paw prints on the lackawanna cutoff. it was in the low thirties for most of the ride. i was fine in shorts, ss jersey, ss wicking tee and light waterproof windbreaker. windproof gloves, regular old gym socks and beat to hell summer shoes with a bunch of holes in them. just a helmet on my head. makes me feel good about my chances of not freezing to death in alaska.


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