Dé Luain 2 Samhain 2009

The Manly Soap Review - Installment 1

I stink. I'm a man, and if I don't keep on top of it, I have some rather strong odors that only I(and one particular ex-GF) seem to appreciate. So, in order to not ostracize myself further than my bubbly personality already does, regular bathing is a must. Now, when it comes to soap, I've developed some kinda picky quirks. I used to be vegan way back in the whenever ago, and the vegetable based soaps thing has stuck with me. I also can't be bothered with different soaps for face, hands and body. 'Natural' is also good, for whatever reason, as is not-produced-by-a-big-computerized-machine. I would also like to specifically not smell like I'm on my way to a club after taking a bath in some awful cologne.

So, last week, I went about ordering a bunch of different handmade soaps from handmade soap shops on Etsy.com

I looked around a bunch using the search tools, and started a thread in their forums asking to be pointed towards "Manly Soaps". Both yielded the results I was looking for, and within a day or so, I had bookmarked enough different soaps from several different vendors to, hopefully, last me the better part of a year. I ordered, and paid(in full) for the soaps on, I think it was, Wednesday of last week.

I promised the vendors that I would do reviews on my blog of the soaps I liked out of the batch. Therefor, I present to you the first installment of:

Sean's Manly Soap Review

And They're OFF!!!

Received email notifications of the shipping of manly soap from 3 of the vendors I ordered from this morning. Went to the beer store, then the rent store this afternoon and when I came back, sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for me was the first package of manly soap from one of the other vendors I ordered from! A++ right off the bat to Kelly Fielder of GreenHavenSoaps for supafast shipping! All of the soaps I received from her smell awesome out of the box.

Here's a link to her shop:


and her website:


This is not a mark against the other vendors by any means at all. It's just kind of like extra credit for Miss Fielder.

I'll take a shower tonight, since, coincidentally, I happen to stink right now, and report my findings in the morning.


bill said...

i am pretty sure if you are ordering soap online that qualifies you as a metrosexual, i don't know if 'manly' is the right word to use :)

sean said...

Damnit. That's a good point. I'm gonna have to go chop some wood and kill something now.

Anonymous said...

you still stink man. I can smell you form here.