Dé Sathairn 7 Samhain 2009

Talamh reoite, sonas orm

Went for a little spin around Crev-Mo and Keppler today. First time on a bike since last weeks ass-chapathon. Wait, no, I played around a little bit the other day, but not for more than an hour... Anyway. Temps were right around 30, trails were frozen and fast. Threw the SSStump into it's girlie gear and left it there for the duration of the easy ride.

Some instances of interest:

Plastic shopping bags suck. Part of this trail system butts up against the Palmer dump. There's no odor that I've ever noticed, but the strong Matanuska wind blows hundreds upon hundreds of plastic shopping bags into the surrounding woods.


Seconds after taking this photo, I ran into one of the valley's chainsaw gnomes. Anchorage has chainsaw fairies, the Valley has gnomes. He was cutting out a bunch of the blow downs that were blocking the trails. I helped him get some branches off the trail, thanked him, and rode away. He was riding with an ancient looking frame pack and what looked like a 20" bladed Stihl... I ran into him a few times throughout the ride. For someone carrying a chainsaw and stopping to cut trees along the way, he was keeping a pretty damned good pace. Real Gnomes don't show up in photos, so I didn't bother.

Saw some fungus.


Had some fun.


Fell down a bunch.

Untitled from sean grady on Vimeo.

Lost my keys. Purty sunset. Beer. The end.


Heerscrapple said...

Nice! I'm loving the high log attempts!

sean said...

I made it over the next morning no problem, but of course, can't prove it.... I was being tarded on the pedal timing. I needed to start the power stroke right foot forward and pedal kick up with my left foot.