Dé Sathairn 10 Samhain 2007

it's 1am and i'm a third of the way through a growler of super tastey beer my cousin brewed. i need to finnish it before my sister picks me up at 5 am to drive me to the airport for my flight to costa rica. if i don't it'll go flat by the time i get back. and since i'm sure to be in extreme pain and suffering moral, physical and possibly venerial(?) defeat, the last thing i want to come home to is half a growler of flat beer. la ruta is calling, and i'm providing some kind of an answer. that answer is probably something along the lines of "why the fuck not?", or "if it hurts too much, there's always $20 hookers.".

so on that note, here's some pretty pictures of autumn leaves i took yesterday:

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