Dé Sathairn 24 Samhain 2007

ta TUSA ag dul sios, focar maithre!

so apparently there is another sean grady. and he races singlespeeds at endurance events. i saw his name among the dnf's at lumberjack while perusing the results online. i can't allow this. i once dated a girl and found out aout 1 month into the relationship that she had previously dated another sean grady. i've heard of probably a dozen. i think i need to go on a killing spree to claim my name. eliminate the competition. or subjugate them, and train them all into elite level atheletes who look like me. that way i could sit on my ass drinking beer while my 'me's go out and win races, get paid and score a bunch of hot, naughty ladies to bring home to their master. yeah, that's the plan. an army of me....

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