Déardaoin 17 Eanáir 2008

amadan mise

rode to and from work today on the rig. no gps as it had a temper tantrum.

the mornings commute hurt. been more than a week since i was on the bike for anything worth noting, and i felt it. i also reassured myself once again that i hate riding in my current selection of tights. i need something thinner. they just make my legs feel alot more sluggish than without. by the time i arrived at work i had some notable icycles in the beard. nothing crazy, just a few little stalags.

(yes, i was that exhausted. i've had a cold for going on three weeks now, it was 6:45 when i arrived, and as noted, i was not in top form this morning...)

for the afternoons commute, it had warmed up quite a bit, and wasn't precipitating when i left work, so i went with baggie riding shorts without the tights underneath. i was fine untill about halfway through the ride when those occassional flurries turned into a wintry mix.

i asked a stranger to take a photo so that i could see how stooopid i looked later(now).

i arrived home, and i was warm all over(seriously), and my legs felt great the entire ride.

icycles on one's leg hair is completely normal, right?? i know, i should have worn tights, and i'm a moron.

but at least i'm fashionable....

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Andy said...

new nick name...Pinky!

was there wiskey involved? :)(