Dé Máirt 8 Eanáir 2008

giar doghluaiste, marcaigh eile agus a thoin tinn

spent the weekend down in manlyjunk with the uniatowski brothers. three days, two rides, copious amounts of whiskey. saturday was a solid 16 miler with both brothers. the basic wissahickon loop in a clockwise fashion. the ground was frozen, fast and made for a very fun ride. had a few drinks at union jacks were we joined sgro, sean hall and neighbor jim. neighbor jim got drunk and rowdy, encouraged no doubt by his fellow conspiracy theorist sean hall. after explaining to the entire bar(unintentionally) that he would let a guy lick his feet........ for free even......... if he was a chick...., he proceeded to innexpliccably perform a flying elbow drop on a solid oak bench. he hit it really, really, really hard. the entire bar stopped and looked to see what had happened. it was good stuff.

sunday we took nick dennis out on his first mtb ride. the trails weren't quite as frozen and firm. in fact, they were soft and slippery. nick's ridden bmx for years, so technical skills were actually above that of your average joe on an mtb, the hills made him want to cry though. he was going to go in his snug, but not tight corderoy jeans and boxers. i tried and failed to convince him to put on a pair of baggy mtb shorts. i was at least able to get him into some cutoff cargo shorts. his ass explained the finer points of spandex and padding to him for the entirety of the ride and into the next day. he went over the bars once or twice, caught some air, made friends with an indian and seemed to have a good time, except for the pesky parts where it wasn't downhill.

sunday night the unibrowskis and i enjoyed some of the fine offerings at the olde laffeyette brewpub, then i departed to join nick and his lady friend nicole at the khyber. had a blast, saw uncle touchy for the first time in ages and caught up on old times, drank a shit-ton of whiskey, which cured my cold i swear, and puked in nicoles bathroom. sorry about that.

played around for about 20 minutes this afternoon on the karate monkey in fixed gear mode. ate shit over a 4" log. it's difficult, and as fun as i remember it being. currently has a 32 x 15, which will probably soon be changed out to a 32 x 16 or 17(i forget what i have on the other hub). or i'll leave it like that...

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