Dé Céadaoin 30 Eanáir 2008

ca bhfuill m'airgead?

been riding to and from work since the last post. non stop. yeah what. i sleep on the downhills... really though, getting back to bike commuting has been nothing short of wonderful. a headlight in my truck went out, and when i went to change it, the cable snapped. so it'll be a bitch to change it. if i get pulled over, i'll either get a ticket for the headlight, my 7 month overdue inspection, or both. i don't want a ticket, and i want to ride my bike. partly because i like riding my bike, and partly because i want to not die from exhaustion while trying to ride 100 miles in the snow in the bitter cold of alaska next month. money's tighter than a nun's wrong 'un right now. has been since la ruta. by the time i recovered financially from la ruta, christmas and mom's bday rolled around, by the time i recovered(kinda sorta) from that, susitna rolls around. i ain't friggen buyin nothin for a month after i get back from ak. here're some pictures of some nifty crack patterns in the ice of oak ridge resevoir:

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