Dé Céadaoin 26 Lúnasa 2009

ag titeamh na phictiuri.

major photo dump. some photos from my rainey trip to tok for starters. i went up there with the main purpose of checking out some land that i had interest in purchasing. it rained the entire way up and most of the way back. the land was good, dry, level, thickly treed, good well depths, on a road, in a town, free of taxes* and close to trails. *by free of taxes, i mean that the only taxes i would have to pay living there would be federal income. no prop, no sales, no state income. yeehaw!

i didn't question the decision to buy untill i got back down into the matanuska valley coming through sheep mtn and chickaloon. incredibly gorgeous area with great trails and big mtns, closer to everyone i know up here. but land there just costs more than i'm looking to spend. so i bit the bullet on tok earlier this week. once the guvmint get's the contract prepared sometime in the next 6 months, i will be the proud owner of 5 acres of land in a town who's average winter temperature is -30. that's average, and negative.

some photos from riding in chickaloon on the way back. the rest of the trips photos are crappy due to weather conditions.





the next anything worth mentioning, aside from being a shiftless layabout getting fat on the couch, was this ride up and over powerline pass to indian. the ride took much longer than expected, but was overall very pleasant and chock full of scenery. the trail up was fun and challenging, the trail down was steep as all hell and fun. i kept trying to jump the waterbars on the way down, only to end up going way too fast when my tires hit the ground and barely making it through the next turn. let off the brakes for a second and your speed nearly doubles. really fun stuff for those with a spare set of brake pads laying around.

at indian, we rode straight to brown bear, which is the only biker bar i could imagine that has microbrews on tap and welcomes skinny guys in spandex in a thankfully platonic sort of way....










totally platonic... tha bathrooms being behind that wall mean nothing...

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Kat71 said...

I think you should have taken a couple shots of the accessories in the ladies' bathroom...