Dé Máirt 18 Lúnasa 2009

madra amuigh

hi, my name is cami, i'm a samoyed, and i'm an outside dog.


i WAS an inside/outside dog, but then i decided to do this over the course of 4 days! yay!


cami 8/15

cami 8/15

cami 8/15

cami 8/15

cami 8/16

i kind of had and excuse because i was sick, as you can see i puked. but i prolly just got sick from eating a mouse and some other strange object AFTER the first peeps and poops i did inside the house. but i got left outside after those, then i got better, then i got to sleep inside last night and today i decided this was ok.

cami 8/18

cami 8/15

i'm cami's brotha from anotha motha chet. i'm a good boy and highly intelligent. here you can see that i have invented a method of keeping myself on my back for cooling purposes. all i have to do is twist my back like this and wedge my mouf under this big thing with the drawers and i can air out the junk for days!

chet wedge

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Northstar Bikes said...

Hilarious post, almost as if the dog is saying, "Hey, look what I did!"