Dé hAoine 28 Lúnasa 2009

snoíodóireacht adhmaid

no riding today. it was raining and i, again, lacked the motivation. got an interesting call though, with some interesting info. need to return that call.

worked a little bit on two of the carvings i posted yesterday. well, a lot on one of them and a little on the other. i cleaned up the one and squared up the eyes a 'little' better, and cut the entire face off the other and re-carved it.

still not symmetrical, but who is?


this guy from yesterday's post:


became this guy from today:


this is one i've had sitting around for about a month.


anyone know what type of wood this is? it's about 2 inches in diameter and was found as driftwood on the coast of norton sound.



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