Dé Domhnaigh 6 Meán Fómhair 2009

ag titeamh as an capall.

managed to motivate myself out on the bike a bit this weekend. played around a little yesterday, working on my gimpy 29er jumping. when i finally managed to get my lazy ass out the door today, i headed straight for crev-mo.felt surprisingly good, and didn't look like too much of a sausage in my spandex. i guess i feel fatter than i actually am. does that mean i have an eating disorder?

the hills were certainly a little slower than usual, but the skills were all still right where they used to be for the most part. it was an absolutely gorgeous day today. it seriously would've been a crime if i didn't get out and ride. the trails were perfect, and i decided(wisely) to take it easy and mess around with getting some video footage of the singletrack there.

sunny day from sean grady on Vimeo.

in the video, you can hear the jingling sound of my bear bell, and the lovely "POP" sound at 1:06, that resulted in this:


i'm fine, it didn't hurt, and it was actually on relatively soft ground. i must have managed to hit my head just right. it's crushed in one spot, cracked in about 3. after that, i decided to give up and ride back home.

the view of the talkeetna mtns over the mat-su palmer landfill:


and looking the other way down the powerlines to the chugach mtns.


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