Dé Máirt 29 Meán Fómhair 2009

an siul fada.

bit of carvin, movie watchin, procrastinatin and a long walk today, which resulted in this:


feels great. i needed groceries, and exercise, and beer, so i decided to kill three birds with one stone and a 6 mile round trip walk on the bike path. i wore my trail running shoes, which decided to wear a hole in my achilles. the good news though is that carr's was having a half off sale on Bertolli olive oil, and i for some reason got an even greater than advertised discount on my already bargain basement beast ice.

there was some excitement in the yard late this morning as mom and her two brats showed up again, setting the dogs into a frenzy. only this time, i really got to see the different personalities of the two youngsters. one stayed in the tall grass at the edge of the yard, a little wary of the dogs barking in the kennel. the other, though, followed mom out onto the lawn, and while mom was snacking on raspberry leaves, kiddo started jumping around and almost playfully bluff charging the kennel. he would turn his head, look at them, then ears back, head down and stare. then jump and twirl around a bit and charge to within about 15 ft of the fence, where he would stop, stare some more, then turn and leap playfully back up toward mom. the dogs went apeshit over this. i've never seen chet barking and growling so much. i'm not sure if the moose was trying to play with the dogs or practicing being tough. eventually mom decided he'd had enough though, and off she jogged back into the tall grass, collecting the two kids on the way. no photos though, sorry.


Siobhan0124 said...

Any idea on how you would say...

"It was well worth it"

in gaelic?

sean said...

i'm thinking it would be "Bhi fiu go maith é.", which is pretty close to literal. another way might be to say "i don't regret it at all." which would be, "Níl aithreachas orm faoi ar bith."

hope that helps.

how are you feeling?