Dé Luain 12 Deireadh Fómhair 2009

ta an annail ann...

Still here, still breathing. after a week of carving and sweating over my new etsy shop, i finally got out on my bike again. it want's anything impressive or noteworthy, just tracing down a runaway samoid named gracie. i walked out onto the deck for five minutes to photograph some carvings, she followed me out, when i turned around to go back in, she was gone like the wind. ran around the yard for a while calling her, which usually works. it didn't kim showed up and took over the search. he took off the scour the streets on bike, and i got a call at the house from someone who spotted her out by the 'highway'( a busy two lane road). so i headed out that way on my bike, only to find kim coming back from where they had spotted her, but of course he hadn't.

so we rode around for the better part of half an hour looking for her. finally i headed home in case someone else called her location in. about fifteen minutes later, in a rather anticlimactic ending, kim rolled home with gracie in tow. she was on the road, walking along on her way back home. the old bat can't remember what she did five minutes ago, but she always manages to know the way home....

didn't get any photos while i was out, so here's a photo of a miniature shriner skull carving.


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