Dé Domhnaigh 18 Deireadh Fómhair 2009

Ag leim don deireadh.

Finally got my lazy ass out the door, on my bike and over to Crevasse Moraine for a bit of fun. It's been way too long, and I really have no excuse. The leaves have nearly all given up the fight and fallen helplessly to the ground, where I crush them with my wheels of fury.... or something like that. I was surprisingly not feeling like Jabba the Hut, and had little problem getting up the steeper hills. Took my usual route, west side parking lot at Loma Prieta, up the gradual ski trail climb, into the University singletrack. The trails were frozen and fast, with a little bit of tack where the sun had managed to beat down.


Hard left onto the powerlines. Noone else seems to go this way and that's fine by me. Right turn, over the log pile get's me through Mooseberry Mesa's backdoor, which frankly, is way more fun than the front. Hit the switchback head on and go right. Fly down hill, catching little air off the humps. Stop to take some photos of the mini-meadow before heading back up again. Left at the 4-way, right onto Moose Poop Loop. Much more fun in this direction. Nice work repairing the bermed turn where the tree was uprooted by VMBaH. Out to the ski trails again and go right.






Right at the picnic table, left at the Y. This lolli-pop loop is much more fun for me in this direction. A little disappointed at the log crossing being gone, but understandable on that trail. Back up to the picnic table, pushing the lungs a little, feels good.


No stopping for photos for the rest of the ride. Right turn on Long Lake, and left into Crev-Mo's finest. Rooty didn't get the leaf-blower treatment Moose Berry Mesa got, and I like it that way. It's a more primitive trail, and the leaves don't detract from it's goodness. Legs are starting to burn on the short climbs, getting winded at the tops of them. Right onto Tighty-Whitey. No stopping, cleaned all the trees. Those short steeps near the end always hurt. Are they really as steep as they seem?? Left onto the old trail/alternate exit. Log hopping goodness. Keeps me happy. Cruise home.

The end.


jay said...

man, your pictures are amazing. Thanks for them.

sean said...

Thank you! I'm glad people enjoy them.